Heroes Landing

Farmers – The heroes we need for a sustainable future

From one-farmer, one-field smallholders to teams of growers overseeing vast hectares of crops, farmers are on every continent cultivating the crops that we find on our tables today. And they have something vital in common – they’re at the cutting edge of Reimagining Sustainability for agriculture.

Together with farmers, we’re working to protect and sustain the biodiversity, water resources, and environment around us. Farmers are feeding a growing global population in the face of climatic, social, and economic pressures whilst also empowering and nurturing their families and communities too.

This is our chance to celebrate our farmer heroes and share stories of their challenges, triumphs and individuality and work within the community. Stories that highlight the tireless work that goes into putting food on our tables, keeping the global food chain strong, and changing the game for agriculture to make it a true force for good in global sustainability efforts.

We hope you’ll be inspired as we are, and when you consider the food on your plate, think of the heroes who are Reimagining Sustainability to grow it without costing the earth.

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