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Generation Regeneration

A family tradition

As Managing Director of Taylor Apples, Kelvin Taylor is part of a family tradition of growing and exporting apples that goes back over 100 years. 

52 years ago, Kelvin followed his father Wally and grandfather Walter into the apple growing business. At just eighteen years old he sold his car and used the money to buy a small plot of land next door to his father’s business in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Today, that five hectares has grown into Taylor Apples, a family-run Apple Growing, Packing and Exporting company with orchards covering over 450 hectares. 

A community of growers
The Taylor family tradition continues with Kelvin’s wife Lynette alongside their daughters Claire and Natalie, and son Cameron all working in the orchards. During harvest season, when 250 tonnes of apples need to be packed every day, the Taylor’s are joined by up to 300 additional workers welcomed to the farm from the Pacific Island nations of Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu, as part of the New Zealand governments Recognised Seasonal Employee (RSE) scheme. Together, they create a wider pacific community of apple growers, exporting their produce to the world.

An input for every step and an apple for every season
As a grower, a business owner, and a vital part of the global food chain, Kelvin is committed to producing apple crops of 70-80 tonnes per hectare with different varieties of apple growing in each season. To do this, Kelvin draws on UPL’s range of disease and pest management solutions, including Isomate Mating disruption for Codling Moth, and Desire Lures for pest monitoring.

Of particular value has been their close relationship with UPL, built on a finely adapted understanding of their land, crops and needs. By working hand-in-hand with UPL’s sales manager, Kelvin has helped keep Taylor Apples healthy, tasty, and residue free. 

A sustainable future amid a sustaining community
When it comes to the future, Kelvin has sustainability and community in mind. A key priority for Kelvin is reducing water use and, with help from more of UPL’s adjuvant’s inputs, Taylor Apple’s crop protection spraying system is already using less water, reducing water rate application to around 150 litres per hectare. The Taylor Corporation have also been working to make sure biofuels are used when shipping their apples to markets all around the world. 

But for Kelvin, sustainability extends into the community as well. Keen to support their local community, the Taylor family have started investing in their local basketball team, Taylor Hawks. By encouraging young people to stay active, they’re bringing the community together to ensure Hawke’s Bay’s future is as healthy as its apples.