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Future History

Precision decisions

Precision Agriculture uses high-tech tools to increase production by considering crops, terrain, soil types, and water resources to optimise the application of agricultural inputs. Precision Agriculture enables farmers to make the right intervention, in the right place, at the right time, in response to individual crops’ specific needs. In Brazil, a recent surge in the use of precision agriculture has particularly focused on soil management alongside crop and cattle satellite tracking. With increasing yields already resulting, precision agriculture is expected to become the new standard in Brazilian agriculture.

Victor Campanelli is continuing a century of family farming history in Brazil into a future of precision agriculture on a farm mixing sugarcane with a variety of annual crops and a cattle herd. 

A family of pioneers
Descended from a family of Italian immigrants, Victor’s grandfather arrived in Brazil aged only 10 years old and it was he who bought the first Campanelli family farm 100 years ago. Initially cultivating oranges, the farm pivoted to growing sugarcane, cereals, and animal husbandry in response to the unsuitability of soils and climate to citrus. Following Grandfather Campanelli’s death in 1982, the family united his assets and properties into a family company so they could grow the farm together. 

With 6,000 ha of sugarcane, 4,000 ha of annual crops, including soybeans, corn, and sorghum, and 30,000 heads of cattle grazing the same land, the Campanelli farm is today recognised as a pioneer of technological innovations and precision agriculture. However, they also use traditional methods such as organic fertiliser through their integration of crops and livestock to establish a circular agricultural method. This has allowed them to maintain sugarcane productivity at over 90 tons per hectare to produce a total of 650,000 tonnes per year.

A two-decade partnership
UPL and the Campanelli family farm have been working together for 20 years and we’ve been proud to provide technical assistance alongside sustainable inputs. The package we provide focuses on crop protection, particularly against weeds with our Dinamic, Upstage, Lava, Unimark, Artys, and Baron herbicides working alongside our Imidagold pesticide. 

Investing for the future
The Campanelli family is always looking for new ways to invest for the benefit of their farm, the wider Brazilian agricultural industry, and their global food chain they supply. We’re proud to call family farmers as future-minded and steeped in history as the Campanellis partners in growth.